Registration will be opened at 14th of March 2022. Registration closes at 31th of May 2022.

Field events: You can choose an event form the older age group, if you don’t find the same event in your own age group. Check that the timetable is comfortable if you choose event from older agegroup.

Events: listed daily

THURSDAY 15.6.2023 (will be updated later)

17-categories evening competition – World Athletics Global Calendar event

CategoriesTrack eventsField events


FRIDAY 16.6.2023

CategoriesTrack eventsField eventsRelays
B15300mhighjump, hammer4 x 800m
G15300mhighjump, hammer4 x 800m
B13200mlongjump, javelin4 x 600m
G13200mjavelin, discus4 x 600m
B11150mlongjump, javelin4 x 600m
G11150mlongjump4 x 600m
B10150mlongjump, javelin


SATURDAY 17.6.2023

CategoriesTrack eventsField eventsRelays
B15100m, 3000m r.walklongjump, shotput, discus4 x 100m
G15100m, 3000m r.walklongjump, shotput4 x 100m
B14100mlongjump, highjump, discus
G14100mlongjump, highjump, discus
B1360m, 2000m r.walktripplejump, polevault, shotput4 x 100m
G1360m, 2000m r.walktripplejump, polevault, shotput, hammer4 x 100m
B1260mtripplejump, javelin, hammer
G1260mtripplejump, javelin, hammer
B1160m, 1000m r.walkshotput, hammer4 x 100m
G1160m, 1000m r.walkshotput, javelin4 x 100m
B1060mhighjump, discus
G1060mlongjump, highjump, discus
B940m, 600m r.walkhighjump4 x 50m
G940m, 600m r.walkhighjump4 x 50m


SUNDAY 18.6.2023

CategoriesTrack eventsField eventsRelays
B15100m h, 800mtripplejump, polevault4 x 80m h
G1580m h, 800mtripplejump, polevault, discus4 x 80m h
B14100m h, 800mtripplejump, shotput
G1480m h, 800mtripplejump, shotput
B1360m h, 1000mhighjump, hammer, discus4 x 60m h
G1360m h, 1000mlongjump, highjump4 x 60m h
B1260m h, 1000mlongjump, shotput, discus
G1260m h, 1000mlongjump, shotput, discus
B1160m h, 1000mhighjump, discus4 x 60m h
G1160m h, 1000mhighjump. discus, hammer4 x 60m h
B1060m h, 1000mshotput
G1060m h, 1000mshotput
B9150mlongjump, shotput4 x 400m
G9150mlongjump, shotput4 x 400m
B111 meter zone2.5kg400g600g2.5kg
B101 meter zone2.5kg400g600g2.5kg
B91 meter zone2kg400g600g2.5kg
G111 meter zone2kg400g600g2.5kg
G101 meter zone2kg400g600g2.5kg
G91 meter zone2kg400g600g2.5kg
DistanceHurdlesBefore 1.BetweenEndHeight
Hurdle relays
distancehurdlesBefore 1.BetweenEndHeight
/mamount/m/m /m/cm
B14-154 x 8081281276,2
B12-134 x 607117776,2
B10-114 x 60710,56,510,560
G14-154 x 8081281276,2
G12-134 x 607117776,2
G10-114 x 60710,56,510,560
Registration will be opened at 14th of March 2022. Registration closes at 31th of May 2022.
  • This year we have only one price level so it’s easier to plan your trip and register.

Games packages for Athletes

Game package = registration to competition, different package has different extras or no extras

NOTE! We reveiced project fund from European Athletics and we are able to provide discount and bonus for international guests. Check Game package A and C.

Game package A 110 €
Bonus for internatinal guests -20€ discount = 90€
Check bonus gift from Game package C (college jacket)

Entitles the athlete to participate up to three events, group accomodation at school from Friday to Sunday, lunch buffet at the venue (one meal each day), breakfast on Saturday and Sunday, supper at Friday and Saturday and competition material.

  • You need your own planket, pillow and mattress for the accomodation
  • Supper and breakfast are served at the scool
  • More information about the group accomodation at the Event info / Accomodation
  • Extra night from Thursday to Friday with supper and breakfast (+25€), need to request separately
  • School location: not yet available

Game package B (SEE BELOW – Game package C EXTRA)

Entitles the athlete to participate up to three events, lunch buffet at the venue (one meal each day), competition material.

Game package C 45€
– Extra: We are happy to provide free competition meals for international guests (one meal for each competition day)
– Bonus: We also provide official event college jacket for the team manager of each international group

Entitles the athlete to participate up to three events and material.

Game package D 20€

Entitles the athlete to participate to one event.

Hotel accommodation is also available, for more information, please see Event info / Accommodation and hotels.

Game packages for coaches and family

Game package A 80 €
Bonus for internatinal guests -20€ discount = 60€
Check bonus gift from athletes Game package C (college jacket)

Group accomodation at school from Friday to Sunday, lunch buffet at the venue (one meal each day), breakfast on Saturday and Sunday, supper at Friday and Saturday and competition material.

  • extranight from Thursday to Friday with supper and breakfast (+25€), need to request separately

Game package B 25€
– Bonus: FREE for team manager

Lunch buffet at the venue (one meal each day) and competition material.

Family members and team members have a free entrance to all public areas and stand areas. You are most welcome to the Stadium and to the YAG Event Park located close to the Stadium. Entrance to the infield and inside of the Stadium is only for the officials and athletes.

Collect all the team members and their events and game packages to this form:


  • When the registration form is completed, send it to: and
  • Do not send this before the registration opens.
  • After we have received your registration form, we will send to you the invoice of game packages according to your registration.
  • Your registration will be confirmed only after receiving the payment of the invoice.

Registration for Relay races -tab has more information of registering.

Additional events cost 15 € / event. You can add events to your registration form. F.ex. you buy Game package B with 3 events and write 4 events to the registration form – you’ll get extra 15 € to your invoince. If you get extra events check that your timetable will be comfortable during the competition.

Registration for relays

Registration of relay races will take place at it’s own registration form. You can find the form from this page after the registration starts.

One team per distance in relays costs 20 €
Relay registration will end at Sunday 5th of June 2022.

Notice! If you already have got a confirmation to your email of your relay teams – welcome to competitions. Invoice will be sent to the email you given at the registration. No receipt needed at the final confirmation of the relay teams. Final confirmation to relays must be done at least 90 minutes before the race at the competition office. You can find the final confirmation form for relays below.

YAG_viestit_varmistuslomake (PDF-file, final confirmation for relays)

Relay registration

Relay registration: press HERE


Late registration will be possible between 6th and 10th of June in events that we announce after registration ends. Late registration fee is 30€. Inquire via email.

If you want change or withdraw your registration, please send us an email before 30th of May. We will refund 50% of the registration fee if the withdrawal is made before the date. You must also have a medical certificate. Withdrawals made after 30th of May will not be refunded!