TIMETABLE – preliminary timetable has been published

  • Running events not marked as heats wlll be competed as final.
  • All field events are finals. Events can be split into multiple groups based on number of competitors. Groups will be published after registration closes.
  • Calling timetable will be published after registration closes.
  • NOTICE! Timetable is preliminary until stated that it is final. Changels on timetable within each day also possible until that.
TIMETABLE B/G from 9 to 15 TIMETABLE M17/W17 Calling timetable

Event organisation

  • Event information: / phone +358 50 470 2622
  • General Manager: Lassi Korhonen /
  • Competition directors: Janne Edelman (, Petri Utulahti, Seppo Norpila
  • Technical director: Markus Lehtonen (
  • Communications: Piia Jäntti,

Latest update 21.1.2022

Please read these instructions carefully. Please ensure that you have enough time to get to the games venue.


There is no need to confirm participation in the running and walking events. In order to ensure enough time for preparation for the athletes the heats will be made in advance, one day prior to the event. All athletes must arrive to Calling in time.

Relays must be confirmed (see instructions below).

Withdrawals are made to the Technical Information Office (TIC).


Confirmation of field sports participation happens by gathering at the calling point in accordance with the calling timetable.

If you are busy at another event or medal ceremony and cannot make it to the calling, then you can confirm your participation in the event at the location of your event. It is also acceptable for a parent or guardian to come to the calling to explain the situation.


Sports with separate qualifying

  • No need to confirm participation in finals separately. But you must arrive to the Call room in time.
  • NB! If you withdraw from a final without telling us, you will be excluded from future events! So, tell the games office (TIC) if you cannot take part in the final.


Relay race participants must confirm their participation and running order to the games office in writing no later than 90 minutes before the start of each race.

You can find these documents also from the TIC
– final confirmation form for relays:

YAG_viestit_varmistuslomake / Word-file

YAG_viestit_varmistuslomake / PDF-file

The Technical Information Center (TIC) is located within the Stadium.

Opening hours
Thursday June 15th:
Friday June 16th:
Saturday June 17th:
Sunday June 18th:

Competitors in series 12-17 are allowed to use own implements. Maxium 2 own implements per athlete.

Competitors in series 9-11 will use organizers implements.

If you use your own implements, you must bring them to the technical room at least 90 mins before your event.  Officials will bring these implements to the warm up and competition. These implements are on the field until the event is over. Athlete receives his/her own implement from the technical room after the event is over.

Technical room is located at the field level at the beginning of the stadium construction. You can enter there outside the stadium – check map “Techical manager for personal implements”

It’s open same hours as TIC (Technical information center)

  • Given out with the participant’s envelope in the Technical Information Center (TIC)
  • You do not need to return competitor numbers after the games.
  • The competitor number should be worn so that the advertisements are visible, and it should be worn on the front of the body (except for pole vault and hammer throw).

Relay teams’ numbers are distributed from the games office when the teams’ participation is confirmed.

  • The team leader / supporter should confirm the runners and the running order in writing no later than 90 minutes before the start of each race.
  • In relay races, each runner has his or her own race number.
  • Check carefully to make sure that your team has the right number.

Check heats and groups from the result service
Results service:

Heats and groups are shown early on the results service. You should check heats and groups again before your warm up incase of updates (just to make sure).

Groups and heats are allocated on the basis of statistics.

  • In running events, the athletes’ record (PB) results are downloaded from the athlete register and upated during the competition week. Foreign athletes have informed the PB results at the registration form.
  • We notice the results made before the 10th of June.
  • Unfortunately, we are unable to accept results from the indoor sport season or the last season submitted by email.
  • All heats will be made on basis of statistics (PB)
  • In the 15-17 series in races of 300 m or longer, we try to divide athletes into heats on the basis of their record times in an athlete-friendly way.
  • In sprints, winning heats does not make a difference to qualifying, as the times decide whether you end up in finals or not.
  • Heats will be announced in advance in the Live result service.

Field sports qualification groups

  • Jump events that are carried out in two or more groups will be divided on basis of prior results (PB).
  • The qualification groups will be published in the Live result service.

Increases to heights in jumping sports



There are good warm up areas around the stadium. We also have separate indoortrack where you can finish your warm-up.

The call room is place where all athletes go before their events begin.

Call room location: TO BE ANNOUNCED

In all sports, athletes go to the games area in complete groups through the call room. If an athlete has two events at the same time and the earlier one does not end before the calling time, he or she can explain the situation in the first calling, if possible, and then go straight to his or her second event.

Calling timetable 


Calling open = you may come to the call room to register

To court = calling is closed, and the group is going to the field. By this time, you must be present, or you will not be able to participate (unless you have simultaneous events, in which case see above).

In sprints, the fastest eight (8) athletes go forward to the A-final which decides the positions from 1st to 8th. Next eight (8) athletes go forward to the B-final which decides the positions from 9th to 16th. We will inform if there are only A-final or both A- and B-finals.

In the running and walking sports in which there is a direct final, times decide the ranking.

In field sports with separate qualifiers the best 12 athletes go forward to the final competition. The qualifer has three rounds. In separate final competitions, all finalists first have three rounds, of which the eight (8) best continue to the last three rounds in reverse performance order.

If the field sport is done played directly as a final, every athlete does three rounds, on the basis of the results of which the eight (8) best continue to the three last rounds. In this case, group results are decided on the basis of the first three rounds.

See winners in the “Victory Ceremonies” section.

In field events, in the 9-13-year-olds, there are team competitions. A team does not need to register in advance. Team consists of two same club’s athletes. The event of the best two in a group decides the ranking. The best three groups will get prizes. A team competition is calculated on the basis of the three qualifying rounds.

Oral objections must be made directly at the competition venue and they are handled by the event’s leader/referee in a separate venue while the race is in progress. Written objections must be submitted to the games office (TIC) within 30 minutes of the race completing or the official results being announced. The processing fee for a written objection is €50 and it is not returned if the objection is not processed further.

Victory ceremony info is announced later here. 

Victory ceremonies timetable
  • Medal ceremonies will take place at the Games Square (Kisatori)

RELAYS:  In relay races, the best three teams on each run get prizes.

Boys/girls 9-13 years, individual events: The best six in each individual event get prizes.

In boys’/girls’ 9-13-year-old group events, the three best teams get medals.

Boys/girls 14-17 years, individual events: The three best in each individual event get prizes.

– Also honorary and product prizes will be .

Parents’, guardians’ and trainers’ access to the competition area is limited. To ensure safe, flexible conduct of the games, access to the competition area and inner field is forbidden. We aim to reserve an area near the event competition area for communication with the athlete.

NB! In the heats for sprints, we are unfortunately unable to allow parents or trainers onto the field with the runners. During the starts of the 9-11-year-olds’ races, in particular, we are going to organize enough assistants to help the children with the starting blocks (using them is not mandatory).

In 9-11-year-olds’ events, parent or guardian may guide the athlete to the calling room and to the field if necessary. However, this will be done in such a way that no parents or guardians are on the competition field when the event begins.

The participants who have registered will be listed on the page linked below in the week of the event. If you find that something is missing, let us know immediately via email.

Participant lists