Event organisation

  • Event information: yag@sul.fi / phone +358 50 352 0982
  • General secretary: Elisa Hakanen elisa.hakanen@pyrinto.fi
  • Competition director: Jukka Hosio (jukka.hosio@outlook.com)
  • Technical director:
  • Communications and school accomodation: Veera Haukijärvi veera.haukijarvi@pyrinto.fi
The competition venue Tampere Stadium, also known as Ratina Stadium, is located in the city centre of Tampere. In the immediate surrounding of the stadium there are paid parking spaces and two parking halls (Ratina and Koskikeskus).
Public transport
It is also easy to get to the venue by public transport. The bus station is located right next to the stadium and the railway station is about one kilometre away.

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You will receive your competitor’s materials from from the Technical Information Center (TIC)

The event will feature game square located behind the main stadium. In the stadium you will find:
Ice cream shop
Liquorice shop
Sports equipment
Finnish Athletics Federation
The Competition Restaurant is located inside the Ratina stadium
The competition passes includes three meals.
Individual meal tickets can also be purchased at the competition office or ordered in advance using a separate form (. The price of a meal ticket is € 11,50.
Payment methods are cash, card and MobilePay.
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The A-pass includes school accommodation, see Registration > Passes
The accommodation school is FISTA (Satakunnankatu 60, 33230 Tampere), located 1,8 km from the stadium.
Breakfast will be served at Pyynikintie 2, which is located on the way from the accommodation school to the stadium.
Parking for accommodation is available around the school.
Extra night Thursday-Friday to be purchased separately, includes accommodation, evening snack and breakfast (+30€).
Extra night to be booked separately when registering by emailing veera.haukijarvi@pyrinto.fi
Each underage person must have a named adult guardian who will also stay at the school.
Classrooms are the property of the school – broken items or dirty areas will be charged to the classroom users in question.
The cleaning of the classrooms is the responsibility of those staying in the classrooms – equipment for final cleaning will be provided by the race organiser at the accommodation office at the school. For untidy classrooms, a cleaning fee will be charged afterwards.
The overall cleanliness of the other school facilities will be maintained together.
The school will be used only in the areas designated for school accommodation. There is video surveillance in the areas. Broken or dirty areas will be charged to the person concerned.
Let’s work together to take good care of our accommodations.
More detailed accommodation information will be sent to participants in the email provided at the time of registration.
Hotel passes to Scandic Hämeenpuisto and Varala Sports Centre are available. Passes must be ordered by 25 May, or as long as there are enough passes available. For individual rooms, please contact elisa.hakanen@pyrinto.fi
Hotel Pass – Scandic Hämeenpuisto 179 €
Includes hotel accommodation in a 2-3 bed room Fri-Sun, hotel breakfast, lunches at the stadium, evening snacks (Fri and Sat) and race product.
Hotel pass – Varala Sports Centre 159 €
Includes hotel accommodation in a 2-3 person room Fri-Sun, hotel breakfasts, lunches at the stadium, evening snacks (Fri and Sat) and race product.

The competition passes include free public transport in the city of Tampere (zones A and B). The QR code for transport can be found on the competition pass.

There will be first aid groups at the competition area during the event times. You can find first aid on the map.

All competitors must have their own insurance.

High-quality, authentic visuals which show the joy children get from exercise are essential for the Finnish Athletics Federation’s communications. The visual materials are only used to promote athletics – particularly where children’s and youth athletics are concerned. For joint projects, we can also pass visual materials on for our partners to use and promote these joint projects.

Photographs and other recordings of the event made at the YAG may be used, edited and published in the communications and marketing events of the Finnish Athletic Federation and its partners, and in publications such as websites, press releases and flyers. The Finnish Athletics Federation and its partners may publish recordings electronically or in print. A participant in an event may withdraw his or her consent for the use of pictures or other recordings by informing the Finnish Athletics Federation of this in writing.

You can download pictures after the event for your own use on this webpage.

Year 2019’s Small photogallery

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