Event organisation

  • Event information: yag@sul.fi / phone +358 50 470 2622
  • General secretary: Lassi Korhonen (lassi.korhonen@nyu.fi)
  • Competition director: Janne Edelman (janne.edelman@nyu.fi), Petri Utulahti, Seppo Norpila
  • Technical director: Markus Lehtonen (markus.lehtonen@nyu.fi)
  • Communications and sales coordinator: Piia Jäntti / piia.jantti@sul.fi

The Klaukkala sports area is located 5.5 km from highway 3 exit number 11 in the Klaukkala urban area. Click on the map for a closer look.

We recommend those coming from the direction of highway 3 to drive through exit 11. Exit number 12, which is further north, also has signs to Klaukkala, but the final connection is not ready and the detour route is longer and requires driving through a local residential area.

Public transportation

Bus is the only available public transport connection to Klaukkala. With Matkahuolto’s route guide you can find the most suitable public transport connection to Klaukkala for your visiting group. Distance from Klaukkala public transportation station to sports are is about 450 metres.

(Click the map to open scalable PDF map)

You will receive your competitor’s materials from from the Technical Information Center (TIC)

Event market place / Games Square / Kisatori(fin) is next to the stadium and is open all the day during competitions.

  • Technical Information Center (TIC) (Competition info > Technical Information Center (TIC))
  • A kiosk that is organized by clubs
  • Ingman ice creams
  • Bill and cotton candy sales
  • Sportmixer sports equipment
  • SUEK – Finnish sports ethics center
  • Finnish Sports Association


Kiosk is open at the Games Square on every competition day:

Thu 15.00 – 21.30
Fri  11.00 – 21.00
Sat   8.00 – 21.00
Sun   8.00 – 20.30

Craft YAG products

YAG products sales is on the Games Square from 15th to 18th of June 2023


20€ /child


40€ /child
50€ /adult

Parters serving at the Games Square

Competition meal is served at restaurant of Arkadian yhteislyseo school from Friday to Sunday from 11am to 5pm.

  • Game packages A and B include meals at the competition.
  • You can also buy a so called lunch pass (price 30€). It will be cheaper than separate lunch tickets. Lunch pass includes one meal per competition day (Friday, Saturday and Sunday).
  • You can also purchase the meal with debit/credit card at the restaurant. Price á xx €.
  • We accept only card payments.


Friday 16.6. Saturday 17.6. Sunday 18.6.
Ham and potato casserole Sausage and mashed potato casserole Chiken and potato casserole
lactose-free, gluten-free lactose-free, gluten-free lactose-free, gluten-free
Potato (Finnish), Valio® cream (Finnish), Snellman ham 14 % (ham (Finnish), water, salt, sugar, spices (black and white pepper, coriander, onion, parsnip), preservative (E250)), onion, iodised table salt, maize starch, white pepper.
Potato 56 % (Finnish), Snellman wiener 23 % (pork (Finnish), beef (Finnish), water, salt, glucose (corn), antioxidant (E300), spices (black and white pepper), extract (paprika, chili, coriander, nutmeg), preservative (E250), aroma (vegetable and meat), Valio® cream, water, onion, Valio® butter, iodised table salt.
Potato (Finnish), chicken 15 % (Finnish), Valio® milk (Finnish), Valio® cream (skimmed milk (Finnish), water, rapeseed oil, maize strach, tapioca strach, emulsifier (E472e), aroma, colour (E160a)), onion, iodisied table salt, curry powder, black pepper, parsley, oregano.
The vegetarian option will be updated later The vegetarian option will be updated later The vegetarian option will be updated later
  • All meals include water, bread, salad

Special diets:

  • lactose free, gluten free and vegetable diets are noticed.
  • other allergies should be informed in registration or by email (yag@sul.fi). (Please write your full name, phone and allergies)
  • other allergies or special dietary requirements: there will be a possibility to use fridge and microwave for your own food. But this is only for visitors with special needs! This option is only for them who have reserved a competition meal or lunch pass in registration.

School accomodation infromation at “Registeration” > Game packages.

Be quick and make a hotel reservation on time!

There are no hotels in Klaukkala, so you need a bus or a car to get to the accommodation/ hotel.

Possibilities for accommodation:

Hotelli Korpilampi
The nearest hotel to Klaukkala is located in Espoo, Lahnus (distance 10 kilometers).
Korpilampi has a good experience in giving services to sport teams. The hotel is located next to an aquapark Serena.

Scandic -hotellit
The closest Scandic hotels are at the Helsinki-Vantaa airport (Aviapolis 19 km), Helsinki and Hyvinkää (40 km).

Driving time from Helsinki-Vantaa to Klaukkala approximately 20 minutes and from Hyvinkää 30 minutes.

Other hotels

There are several hotels close to the Helsinki-Vantaa airport. There are services, like a mall called Jumbo and a spa Flamingo nearby.

Hotel Kiljava
A local hostel with a beautiful lake view. A distance from Klaukkala 19 kilometers / 22 minutes.

You can find other possibilities on website of Nurmijärvi.

There is no service for campervans or caravans. You can find some areas for them here: karavaanarit.fi

There is no transport of passengers in the event. If you have challenges in transportation, you can ask for advice:

The parking areas will be close to the stadium and marked by P -letter on the map.  

Parking is free. YAG organizers take care of advicing on the parking area.

There will be a special parking area for busses next to the ice rink. (400 m from the stadium).

There will be first aid groups at the competition area during the event times. You can find first aid on the map.

All competitors must have their own insurance.

High-quality, authentic visuals which show the joy children get from exercise are essential for the Finnish Athletics Federation’s communications. The visual materials are only used to promote athletics – particularly where children’s and youth athletics are concerned. For joint projects, we can also pass visual materials on for our partners to use and promote these joint projects.

Photographs and other recordings of the event made at the YAG may be used, edited and published in the communications and marketing events of the Finnish Athletic Federation and its partners, and in publications such as websites, press releases and flyers. The Finnish Athletics Federation and its partners may publish recordings electronically or in print. A participant in an event may withdraw his or her consent for the use of pictures or other recordings by informing the Finnish Athletics Federation of this in writing.

You can download pictures after the event for your own use on this webpage.

Year 2019’s Small photogallery

Official photogallery: xxxx