Final confirmation

PLEASE NOTE: The collection of the game package (incl. race number) is not the final confirmation of the entry to the events.

For all events the final confirmation of entry must be done 90 mins before starting time of each event.

On Friday 15th Jun and on Saturday 16th Jun for the first two track events on the timetable the final confirmation must be done 60 mins before the start. The final confirmation for track events are made by marking “OK” on the starting lists. These starting lists are on bulletin board marked “FINAL CONFIRMATION” and board is located behind the main stand building. If an athlete is not participating some track event, please cross over that athlete’s name on the final confirmation list.

On the field events the final confirmation of entry must be made at the Call room according to the timetable of call room.

On events, where there are preliminary rounds on an event, there is no final confirmation for the finals. Please note the rule, that if an athlete qualified in a preliminary round of an event for at further participation in that event but failed to participate without prior notification to the TIC, that athlete shall be excluded from participation in all further events. (This rule is not applied on events which don’t have preliminary rounds!).

The composition of each relay team as well as the order of running shall be officially declared at the TIC, no later than 90min before the published starting time of each round of the competition.